कमी - kami

English MeaningCategoryWordHindi Translit
shortagenoun f.कमीkami
inadequacynoun f.कमीkami
quibblenoun f.कमीkami
shortcomingnoun f.कमीkami
disadvantagenoun f.कमीkami
shortfallnoun f.कमीkami
decreasenoun f.कमीkami
drawbacknoun f.कमीkami
diminutionnoun f.कमीkami
abatementnoun f.कमीkami
conditionnoun f.कमीkami
quidditynoun f.कमीkami
minusnoun f.कमीkami
existencenoun f.कमीkami
reductionnoun f.कमीkami
subsidencenoun f.कमीkami
mitigationnoun f.कमीkami
cavilnoun f.कमीkami
worseningnoun f.कमीkami
insufficiencynoun f.कमीkami
wantnoun f.कमीkami
imperfectionnoun f.कमीkami
lacknoun f.कमीkami
scarcitynoun f.कमीkami
wantnoun f.कमीkami
gapnoun f.कमीkami
remissionnoun f.कमीkami
deteriorationnoun f.कमीkami
remittalnoun f.कमीkami
deficiencynoun f.कमीkami
deficitnoun f.कमीkami
depletionnoun f.कमीkami
privationnoun m.कमीkami

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  • Kami Meaning in English

    There are total 34 words in English that can be used for Hindi word 'कमी'. 'Shortage', 'inadequacy', 'quibble', 'shortcoming', 'disadvantage', 'shortfall', 'decrease', 'drawback', 'diminution', 'abatement', 'condition', 'quiddity', 'minus', 'existence', 'reduction', 'subsidence', 'mitigation', 'cavil', 'worsening', 'insufficiency', 'want', 'imperfection', 'lack', 'scarcity', 'want', 'gap', 'remission', 'deterioration', 'remittal', 'deficiency', 'deficit', 'depletion' and 'privation' are definitions in English. Bookmark this website for future visits.