घृणा - ghrina

English MeaningCategoryWordHindi Translit
feelingnoun f.घृणाghrina
thingnoun f.घृणाghrina
dislikenoun f.घृणाghrina
abominationnoun f.घृणाghrina
aversionnoun f.घृणाghrina
hatenoun f.घृणाghrina
loathingnoun f.घृणाghrina
hatrednoun f.घृणाghrina
abhorrencenoun f.घृणाghrina
execrationnoun f.घृणाghrina
detestationnoun f.घृणाghrina

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  • Ghrina Meaning in English

    There are total 11 words in English that can be used for Hindi word 'घृणा'. 'Thing', 'dislike', 'abomination', 'aversion', 'hate', 'loathing', 'hatred', 'abhorrence', 'execration' and 'detestation' are definitions in English. Bookmark this website for future visits.