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दृष्टि-शक्तिnoun f.drishti-shaktiability
क्षमताnoun f.kshamtaability
वाग्विदग्धताnoun f.vagvidagdhataability
विचार-शक्तिnoun f.vichar-shaktiability
बुध्दिnoun f.budhdiability
देनnoun f.denability
योग्यताnoun f.yogyataability
भाषण योग्यताnoun f.bhashan yogyataability
प्रतिभाnoun f.pratibhaability
समझnoun f.samajhability
स्मरणnoun m.smaranability
कौशलnoun m.kaushalability
स्तरnoun m.starability
शक्तिअnoun m.shaktiability
सामर्थ्यnoun m.samarthyability
ज्ञानnoun m.gyanability
यंट्रnoun m.yantrability
दिमागnoun m.dimagability
प्रभुत्वnoun m.prabhutvability
सहज योग्यताnoun m.sahaj yogyataability
नक़ल उतारनाverbnaqal utarnaability

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ablative caseablaut
able bodiedable bodied seaman
  • Ability Meaning in Hindi

    There are total 21 hindi meaning and definitions have been listed for the english word 'ability'. 'क्षमता - kshamta', 'वाग्विदग्धता - vagvidagdhata', 'विचार-शक्ति - vichar-shakti', 'बुध्दि - budhdi', 'देन - den', 'योग्यता - yogyata', 'भाषण योग्यता - bhashan yogyata', 'प्रतिभा - pratibha', 'समझ - samajh', 'स्मरण - smaran', 'कौशल - kaushal', 'स्तर - star', 'शक्तिअ - shakti', 'सामर्थ्य - samarthy', 'ज्ञान - gyan', 'यंट्र - yantr', 'दिमाग - dimag', 'प्रभुत्व - prabhutv', 'सहज योग्यता - sahaj yogyata' and 'नक़ल उतारना - naqal utarna' are definitions in hindi. Bookmark this website for future visits.